What is Content Marketing and Why It Is Critical To Your Digital Marketing Plan?

The Whys and Hows Of Content Marketing

Content marketing in its simplest form is to just utilize content to market your business. Even though it sounds simple, it doesn’t mean you are going to do it effectively. There is a lot to it and we are going to cover some of the aspects in this article.

There are also some great tools to make content marketing easier to do. Although not the focus on this article, I will bring up a couple of them. In other content I will break down these content marketing tools in further detail so you can see how they can greatly increase the impact your content will have on the search engine.

In days of old, content marketing was tightly related to keyword research. It still is today, however, the way you use the keywords is much different. 10 years ago, you could simply repeat the keyword over and over and rank the content. Often it was not natural to read or had a poor flow to it, so it was not great for readers. The search engines have long ago wised up and figured this out.

Google’s goal is to deliver the best possible answer to the search query being done. Today much has changed. You can still base your article off a keyword, but it is much more effective to write naturally and utilize a variety of keywords within your writing that make sense to the reader and that are searched.

You also only need to use your main keyword a few times within the article. It is still important to use the keyword phrase in the title, and in the first sentence, but it is not to be forced into the content just for the sake of putting in the content for ranking purposes. Don’t do it as it will hurt you way more than help today.

There was a report recently that came from 2 sources, Content Marketing Institute, and MarketingProfs that stated that 55% of marketers really had no specific marketing plan nor did they know if the content they were creating was effective. This is not good because content creation takes a lot of time. You need content for blog posts, social media, email marketing, brand awareness, and even videos.

So Why Do Content Marketing? The Whys and Hows Of Content Marketing



So Why Do Content Marketing?One of the aspects you want to think about is the fact that content, when done right, has a huge potential to create back-links to your website. Backlinks are an important factor for ranking your content and your website. Even just one piece of high-quality content can be a game changer for your business. It can bring a lot of traffic from your targeted audience.

When you are creating a following to your website, you are going to want to keep them coming back, so it is very important you keep your content fresh and do it often. This is another reason to create great content and lots of it.

The more quality content you create, the more Google is going to come back to your website as well. Over time you will start to become an authority in your market. Your content will be showing up for tons of different searches across Google. People will begin to recognize your website and are more likely to visit it as well.


Content Marketing is Important for BrandingAnother reason to do content marketing is for brand awareness.

This ties into becoming an authority with your target audience. By creating quality content, people will begin to see your brand as well. Most people are online today and reaching them with your marketing efforts through content will reach more people.

The main goal is getting people to like and trust you when they do they are much more apt to share your content on social media as well.

Over time, your traffic will continue to build through a content marketing strategy.

Additionally, another reason to have an effective content marketing plan is to increase sales. Many effective digital marketers are utilizing content to bring people through a sales process. Content can be shared with your target audience in many ways. It can be a webinar series, videos, audios, and even live videos.

By having an effective content marketing plan, and being consistent and also spreading your content across the various platforms, you are going to attract attention from not only the search engines but more importantly, build your following.

So let’s dive deeper into content marketing and some ways to use to build effective content.

How to Start A Content Marketing Strategy

The first step in building content in doing research within your market.

First is to remember why you are doing content marketing. What is the goal of doing all this writing? Well, you want to drive people to your website, and build trust through giving them great information, which in turn will potentially turn into customers who make a purchase for your website if you have a product, or click on a link to purchase an affiliate product you may be promoting.

So lets start with the planning of your content

The first thing you really want to think about is what do your customers what to read? What are they searching for?  Today you can take a keyword and go to Google and put the keyword into the search phrase and typically you are going to get back a whole list of questions that can help you understand what people are asking based on what you are writing about.

As an example, when I type into Google “what is content marketing”, I find about 2/3’s down the page a section called, “people also ask” … This is great because it will tell me what is related to this question that people are asking about. We know these are being typed into Google because they are showing it. You will want to utilize this in your planning. It is a great way to get some additional questions and ideas as you are planning for your article.

I highly recommend as part of the planning of your content, that you develop a calendar for publishing your content. You should plan on creating one excellent piece of content a week. It will take you typically a few hours to write a really high-quality piece of content in which you have researched it as well. There is something called content curation that is an effective way to add additional content that requires very little time and focuses on current trending content.  More on content creation later.

Utilize Your Keyword Research When Writing


Use Your Keyword Research For Possible Content IdeasWhen planning out your initial website, you should have done extensive keyword research to see what people are searching for an also get some idea of commercial intent. If you have not done this then you should stop now and get a good keyword tool that will give you this data. Click here to look at a couple I have discussed before.

By understanding how often something is searched and also how competitive it is, this will give you some idea of the work involved. For more information please go here

Now the idea is to get some information around this keyword and do research on it. One of the best ways to do this is to simply go to google and put in your keyword and take a look at some of the content that is on the top of the search engines.

Plan on taking notes and formulate an outline for your article. This will give you a great guideline for writing your article.

This is a lot of work, and over the years I have found a great tool to help me in this phase that speeds up the process tremendously.  It is called instant article wizard and it does a ton of amazing aspects when you want to generate an article.

From finding keywords to finding content and much more, you can use instant article wizard to research and create content very quickly.  There are many aspects to this tool that does many other things as well. It is the best research and content creating tool I have found that has all the features you would want in a content tool. I highly recommend it.

Time to Create Your Content

Content Marketing ToolsSometimes it is tough to look at a blank screen and start writing. There are some ways I utilize that help me get going. One of the things you should do is take your main keyword that you are focusing on and go do a Google search and research what has been written about that topic. Plan on taking notes and even copy and paste some snippets of information as well. NEVER copy someone else’s content, but you can use it as a springboard to helping you write that content.

This is a very powerful tactic and it works really well. You may want to look over 5-10 good articles and pull out some data to help you get started. Or you can grab hundreds of snippets of the best content on the web using the tool I mentioned above called Instant Article Wizard. This will speed up the process 10 fold and it has a built-in editor to work with as well.

How long should you content be?

The Length of Your Content Should be 2000 WordsThis has changed quite a bit. In 2018, Google is favoring and ranking longer content that is written at a very high-quality level. If you want to rank your content in Google, then plan on at least 2000 words. Additionally, make sure it is very informative and well written. Even though we want to rank in Google to get traffic, more importantly, we want our targeted audience excited when they read your content. You do not want a 1-time visitor, you want a lifelong reader of your content.

Even though you are using long content, do not write in long paragraphs, make sure you have some short choppy sentences as well. Utilize bullets when appropriate as well.

Make sure you use black text on a white background. This will be easy on the readers eyes.

Items To Include In Your Content

You definitively want images throughout your content. Images are a very powerful way to not only convey a message, but it gives your readers eye candy to stay engaged.

There are a couple of really good sites you can get images for free. Just google both Pixelbay and Pexals and you will find a ton of images you can use for your content.

Using images breaks up your content and is pleasing to your visitor.

Use Heading Titles within your longer content.

If you are writing 2000 word articles, then you should have several aspects of content that will be on that page. Use headlines to break up the content. Most people are going to first scan your content, this is where strong headlines and great images will attract the reader first. Then they will decide based on the headlines if they are going to read the content.

Turn Your Content into a short video.

Create A Video Out of Your ContentAnother powerful content marketing strategy is to take your Headlines and maybe a few other points of your article and turn them into a short video. When someone sees you have the video on your content, they are more likely to watch that video and if they like what they hear, they will read the full content. Use the video near the beginning of the content and give them enough in the video to make them curious about the rest of the content. Don’t use the entire article to make a video, just a teaser video about the content.the

There are many excellent video tools that allow you to create videos very quickly. Check out a few I use under the video marketing section of this blog. Also, I talk about one of them in the content marketing section as well.

Promote Your Content Across the Web

Ok, so you have written a great article. First, you will want to post it your blog. Hopefully, you have followed the guidelines in this article and you have also created a short teaser video for your content. The next step is you need to promote your content to various places.

Put together a couple of summaries of your article. One should be a couple of paragraphs giving an overview, and the other just a few short tweets of 140 characters.

First and foremost you should post a small piece of your content, like a summary, onto your Facebook page. Facebook is used by millions of people daily, and building a following on Facebook is very important.

Next, post your first tweet summary on Twitter. Over the next few days, you will want to continue to tweet various summaries about your article on twitter.

Use images on Facebook and Twitter to draw interest to your article. Put a link back to the full content on your website.

Next, utilize the short video you created and put that up on YouTube. Utilize your main keyword in the title of your video. Also, make sure you write a great description inside of YouTube and also use hashtags.

Post a few images you used for your post on Pinterest over the next few days and again link back to your article.

There are others sites like Tumblr and Reddit that I would recommend also taking your summaries and posting them to these sites. On Tumblr, I would put at least a few hundred words and an image. Tumblr is a kind of blogging platform that is very popular.

These are all going to create links back to your website which will help in ranking in the Search engines as well.

Conclusion of the Hows and Whys Of a Content Marketing Strategy


Content Marketing Has Many ComponentsContent marketing is an art form and also is highly technical in nature. When you are developing a content marketing strategy it is important to consider all the points in this article to help you maximize your content that you create.

It takes time and effort to create content so you do not want to just do it to do it. Have a solid plan and execute it based on what is in this article. Make sure you create a publishing calendar and stick with it. Content marketing is all about consistency and delivering great information to your readers. The ultimate goal is to build your authority and your following in your chosen market. There is no easy way around this, however as I mentioned, there are tools that can help speed up the process.

As an example, I utilized Instant Article Wizard to create this content. It helped me to quickly research the topic and write the content all in one interface.  Without this tool, it would have taken me several hours to research and create this content. However, with this content marketing tool, I was able to create this entire article in about an hour.

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Nunc eu molestie ex. Mauris tempus velit et sagittis posuere. Nunc porttitor, nibh sed placerat convallis, ipsum nisl varius ligula.