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Content marketing and development is your most valuable asset moving forward. Content is and has been and will continue to be king online. It is the driving force of the internet. How that content is delivered may and has evolved however the need for new and unique and fresh content is at the forefront of a successful website.

Writing for your website and other areas online is not some random act. It has structure and a plan that needs to be implemented on an ongoing basis. It is tied directly to your market research and it varies depending upon your strategy and where you are using that content.

Content development is the most time consuming and expensive aspect of building a great website and business online. For me personally, this has always been an area that is very challenging. It is not that I can not write or know how to write for the web, it is so time-consuming and at times overwhelming to continually develop great content.

Your content development strategy is the most important driving force moving forward and is something you will need to consistently produce for your audience and for ranking in the search engines as well as developing content on other various web properties to enhance your website and reach more people.

Content Is King Online
Content marketing strategy begins with good keyword research

One of the keys to developing a content market strategy is to utilize all your content to the max. It takes a considerable amount of time to design and write excellent content. As you move forward in your content development, always keep in mind that you can use one piece of content in multiple ways. Since it takes much effort to design and write, you should really maximize it by using one piece of content in multiple ways. Such as videos, audios, creating ebooks out of your content and more…

There is an art to writing for the web and the rest of this article will cover some of those components to keep in mind as you are writing.

It is always best when designing content that you start with a keyword and then build an outline for the content. This is how I create my content. I know that the keyword for this content is the content marketing strategy. I then built several subtopics around that phrase that are important and then designed the actual content. Start with an outline based on the keyword first.

Most of your content should be 100% original which leads to this statement. When you are going to build an asset such as a website online. You need to consider the importance of the topic you are developing your content around.

The Key Elements To A Content Marketing Strategy

  • Pick a Niche You Are Highly Interested in

  • How to write for the web

  • Market research and content strategy

  • What types of content

  • Latent Semantic Indexing

  • Various Types of Content

  • Always Using Imagery

  • Video Content

  • Social Media Content

Pick a niche that you are highly interested in

An effective web presence is going to consist of a lot of content being developed over time. It doesn’t mean you have to know everything about that market, however, it helps to have extensive knowledge about the topic.

This is where most people, including myself, have struggled to maintain an ongoing content marketing strategy as I have picked topics that do not hold my interest long term.

I have picked markets for the money factor without truly considering the content I would need to develop within that market. This will lead over time to a stagnant website because your interest level does not match the need for content.

As I stated in the market research phase. It is critical you choose a market that you are highly interested in and have some working knowledge about the market. A market you choose that has passion connected to it will allow you to easily be excited to develop new content which is needed to be successful in which people will come back to get your content. Your passion will come through in your writing which in turn will be noticed by your readers and they will follow you.

Ok so let’s discuss the components of writing for the web and developing a content marketing strategy.

Pick a Niche You Can write a lot about

How To Write for the Web

First and foremost, as mentioned above, you should have a genuine interest in the topic you are writing on. For me, I have a strong desire to help others through internet marketing and being successful online, so writing for me on this topic holds great interest.

I am also a very good instructor so designing courses around these topics also are exciting and fun for me.

Writing on the internet has a style to it. Write as if you are talking to someone like a friend. The writing should be engaging and interesting. One of the best ways to write for the web is storytelling writing. I have mixed in a few of my stories into the writing to share my experiences.

Writing for the web also has a very technical aspect to it. I have mentioned this several times, but it is worth repeating. Every piece of content you put up on your website has its own individual web page URL. Each piece of content is its own entity. Yes, it ties into the overall theme of your website, however, it is a stand-alone piece as well. Which leads me to….


Writing should be fun
Content driven by market research

All your content should be driven by your market research and the needs in your market. It should match your overall theme!

Your content strategy is driven directly by your market and keyword research. When you do your market research you can make sound decisions because you know 4 things.

  • You have already defined that people are searching for that phrase

  • You know how competitive that phrase is

  • You know if the phrase is an informational phrase or a phrase that has commercial intent (monetization)

  • You have a good idea how many times that phrase is searched each month

People typically will not come to your website to buy something immediately. Through your writing and expertise, you will win them over by sharing valuable content with them. If they like what you write, they may sign up for your newsletter or download a free eBook or white paper. Part of your content marketing strategy is developing a list of followers. This is called Email List Building and is a critical component to a successful website.

The overall goal of content development is to engage your readers and win them over to follow you. This goes back to having passion about what you are talking about on your website. People will see the passion and value of your content and naturally will want to hear more from you.

Excellent writing engages visitors

Market Research and Content Strategy

By knowing the keywords, questions, and problems of your market, you can write effectively and with purpose on your website and all other areas you will be utilizing your content marketing strategy.

Also, remember that 50% of all searches done today have never been done. People have a much deeper understanding of doing a web search today. As an example, I use much longer phrases and very detailed phrases when doing a web search. It is an ongoing joke now with my woman when she asks me a question…my response is…” Google it” Google it has become a standard in our language and most of all searches for information start with a Google search.

Therefore, we utilize keywords that are already known to have extensive searches. This is also why we choose large subtopics of our theme to build our initial content. We do not want to box ourselves in by using keyword phrases in our major subtopics that do not have enough searches.

Over time it is our goal to rank for those highly searched phrases. Plus, we know people are using those highly searched phrases to find information in your market.

So, in writing for the web, we are going to use conversational writing, storytelling writing, and even technical writing at times to relay information to our market. It is also going to be keyword driven to ensure that what we are writing about, has traffic attached to it already.

People understand how to search in more complete ways

What Types of Content

There are many different types of content that can be utilized. Some of this will depend on the needs and desires of your audience.

However, looking at internet marketing and digital marketing there was a high demand for PDF’s so that will can be incorporated into my personal content marketing strategies. I will most likely take a close look at what phrases are being searched based on PDF’s and create them to download from my site.

We know for sure that there will be contextual content always being added to your website and other web properties.

We also know that just about everyone today is demanding video. Video marketing will play a big role in your content strategy. Do not worry or be intimidated by video, you will be pleasantly surprised in my video tools marketing course of the variety of tools available to make simple but effective videos.

There is also a big trend for live videos both on YouTube and Facebook. Live videos have been demonstrating high and fast ranking capabilities when streamed from YouTube. I will be developing a full course on streaming live as well. Facebook is also favoring live streaming and giving higher views to more of your friends’ walls when utilizing live stream.

Podcasts and audio are another great way to distribute your content. Many people love to listen to various audio and podcasts while driving in their cars. There are many sites you can upload your audios to and begin a system of distribution.

Slideshows are another effective tool for how to and instructional content and spreading your content on the internet.

various types of content marketing
Use your content multiple times and ways

Now you may be saying, wow I am going to have to develop a lot of content. It may look that way, however, I want to point out that you can develop one piece of content, and then do what is called repurposing that content. Basically, what that means is we are going to maximize that content. We can write the content, then convert it to an audio mp3, then convert it to a video, convert it to a PDF, and utilize it in a live stream.

Getting the most out of your content is key to spreading the news. This is an effective way to build a content marketing strategy. Make sure you do this as it will allow you to have multiple channels where your content will be found, and it will ensure you are satisfying all your market needs by offering multiple versions of your content.

There are tools to help you do this quickly and those will be discussed in my private training.


Latent Semantic Indexing

I have touched on this before and I will expand a bit more on this here. There is verbiage that is used within a market and phrases that are unique to your market. It is important to incorporate these into your content marketing strategy. This is language that is used in your market that only experts on that topic would be using.

As I mentioned in the market research phase, we used to be able to use a keyword repeatedly inside a content and it would rank. Those days are long gone. Now it is expected that you will write semantically and use other important phrases that support your content. Remember we are talking about a singular piece of content. Each content is its own entity online. Additionally, Google is demanding longer content be developed. It used to be you could write a 500-word piece of content and rank it, now Google is ranking content that is upwards of 2000 words. This is creating a content market strategy that really is looking at super high quality and answers the questions being done in Google. They are rewarding such content.

By writing in this format of Latent Semantic Content, you will find that your content will outrank your competition that is not using this format. You will need to build fewer links back to your content and less work to rank it high in the search engines.

Additionally, by writing in this format, you will be perceived as an expert in your chosen field. This is positioning and you want to position yourself as an authority in your marketplace. The longer you do this the greater the following you will get. Additionally, other experts in the field will want to connect with you and share links and content between sites which will go a long way to establishing a powerful website that people turn to for information in your chosen niche. This can open up a huge audience that is untapped for you. Another authority website that puts YOUR content on their site can bring an instant flood of new traffic to your website.

I will be developing a couple of powerful courses dedicated to latent semantic indexing and sharing tools that I use to write this kind of content as well.

Latent Semantic Content Wins In The Search Engines

Always Use Imagery Within Your Content

This kind of goes without saying, however it is vital that you use images with your content to make it visually appealing and sometimes to reinforce what is being said.

People are drawn to images and many times will click through to a piece of content based on a well-positioned image alone.

Now purchasing images can be quite expensive. In my course on using images on the web, I will be showing several ways you can find images either very inexpensively and ways you can get a ton of images for free.

DO NOT steal images. One of the things you will have to be cognizant of is the legal aspects of your business. Taking other people’s images and content without consent or paying it will get you in some hot water. Don’t do it! There are plenty of ways to get your own images or even create your own images. There are many stock images websites where you can buy images or get them for free.

In developing your content marketing strategy, you will want to develop folders of images that you will use on your website for your blog and for developing content off your website as well.

Use great images with your content

Content Curation

Curating content is an effective way to develop content quickly and should be utilized in your content marketing strategy.

You can exploit current trends in a market by curating content that has already been created. Millions of websites do this. Look at the news sites. Most are using the same content and putting their own spin on it. It is common practice and an acceptable practice.

Curating content is great for filling the gaps within your content marketing strategy. It is tough to write a 2000-word article every day. However, curating content can be done on a regular basis. It will never replace your original content that should be developed, however, it is a great way to engage your audience on hot trending topics that come out.

Many websites utilize other people’s content and then simply utilize that piece of that content and develop your own input based on that content. Typically, you would create your own response either agreeing or disagreeing with what is being said. This creates a conversation on your website which is what you want. Now some areas can be very touchy and you must be careful NOT to offend too much of your audience. An example of this is politics. However, it is unlikely that you are going to capture everyone in politics as it is so divisive.

If you are using other people’s content on your website, be sure to reference back to the owners content and where you got it from. That is proper etiquette.

So, you grab someone else’s content, and then simply have your own narration that can be above and below the content you are using. This is a powerful strategy that should become part of your content marketing strategy and one that will allow you to quickly develop content without having to spend all that time creating a completely original piece. And as pointed out above, you should be tracking what is trending in your market and pay attention to this. Viral content that you can curate will help you engage your readers and attract new ones to your blog.

Content Curation is a great way to utilize other peoples content

Video Marketing Content

Video marketing is now a major piece of your content marketing strategy. It is predicted that by 2020, that 80% of all content people want will be video. With this being the case, it is crucial to your content marketing strategy that video marketing plays a major role in content creation.

In the last 10 years, video marketing and creation tools have greatly evolved to the point where anyone can learn how to create excellent videos.

As I mentioned above, you should move forward with your content marketing strategy by using each piece of content you create and turn it into a video.

YouTube alone is the second largest search engine behind only its owner, Google. The statistics of how much video is consumed daily is staggering. People love video and prefer it over all other types of media content.

Remember this is NOT about you. You may prefer to read a PDF or a Kindle book or a regular textbook. However, the market is now demanding that content is served in multiple formats, so we must give the market what it wants, and it is demanding video.

Inside my video marketing courses, I will be covering a multitude of tools and resources to help you excel in video creation and marketing. I have found some outstanding tools that help you make very good videos quickly and effectively.

Website design must be built for mobile and tablets, responsive design is a must
Video Marketing Is Very Important to your Digital Marketing Strategy

Also, there will be times you will want to have very specific videos possibly created by a professional videographer. Depending on the needs and the message you want to convey, it may be wise to hire out for specific projects when needed.

However, within your content marketing strategy, most of what you will need to do can be done in-house using the tools and resources I will share with you.

In the market research phase, I discussed the need to go to Youtube and see what is going on with your major subtopics and even a bit further down within your subtopics to see what kind of videos are being created.

The last part about video marketing is doing live videos. These are known to be highly effective and also as mentioned above, they are favored by both Youtube and Facebook. It should become part of your marketing strategy.

One of the huge benefits of doing live videos is your ability to put a face to your audience and directly engage them. I know some people are camera shy, however, this will have to be a fear you will need to work through and overcome. The demand in the market is too great to let this one slide by. There are so many effective ways to do live video and people engage and connect especially on the social media sites.

One last component of video marketing I will include here is doing webinars. Depending on the needs of your market, webinars are a highly effective way to reach your audience. They can be used in a variety of ways including meetings, educational instructions and also they are very effective in doing sales presentations and selling within.

Webinar technology has also come a long way and I will be dedicating an entire course or 2 around utilizing webinars in your content marketing strategy.

Last but not least is your social media content strategy

Social media is a powerful driving force online today. Facebook, as we all know, is massive and millions of people are logged on daily. Reaching people through social media is going to play an important role in your content marketing strategy.

Now here is where it is very important to discover who and the age of your market demographics. Many young people have moved away from Facebook and are using Instagram and facetime and snap chat.

Determining your social media strategy will first be defined by who is your target market and what age group they are in.

For most, you will utilize Facebook for sure. Facebook pages and groups and communities are a super powerful strategy to reach your target market.

Content for social media is quite different then what you may serve upon your website. Social media is about engagement and well…being social. It is not typically about selling, however, many people are using Facebook ads effectively to drive people to an offer and to webinars and landing pages.

The reason is there are so many people on Facebook and Facebook allows you to target your market as well to a degree.

There are many other social media sites and I will be developing courses on each of these social media sites and will be showing the various ways on how to incorporate them into your content marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing

Conclusion On Content Marketing

Developing a content marketing strategy that works is going to incorporate many aspects. There is no question that this area of your business is probably one of the toughest to maintain and stay on top of, however, it is vital to the success of your business.

One of the wisest things you can do is to develop a content marketing calendar that you will fill out and plan. Like all of life, if you fail to plan then you are planning to fail.

As your business grows you will most likely want to bring on writers for your website to alleviate the time and resources that are needed to build a powerful ongoing content plan.

Remember that Content is keyword driven. Doing the proper market research and knowing the problems your market faces goes a long way to understanding the type of content you will be producing.

The whole concept here is that you become the authority in the market within the given niche you have chosen. To do this it will require a massive dedicated effort to produce high-quality content over a long and consistent timeframe to build a following.

Great Content is Key To A Content Marketing Strategy

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