How To Optimize A Slow Loading Website

Simple Checks to do Before a Website Launch

Setting up a website that will interest your target market involves more than just putting anything on the site to get it launched. By following these simple tips on launching your website you can be sure to have an effective presence online.

If you really desire to be seen as a professional by your visitors, then you should make sure that everything is up to par before your website is launched. Plenty of webmasters and bloggers generally do not check everything before they launch a website. This not only makes a negative impact on their reputation, but it also reduces their chances of converting viewers. Ultimately a website should work flawlessly. Making that happen is your job before it launches.

In reference to your design, your website should be one hundred percent functional. In other words, your website should validate through the current HTML standards. Now, this definitely doesn’t mean that you’ve lost all hope if your site doesn’t validate. But, it does mean that you have to determine what is causing the problems and fix them. Sometimes forgetting to close tags or not adding the “alt” tag can bring up errors.

You can easily use the W3C online validating service to check your website’s design and find out if anything’s wrong. Making sure that your website is up to date in terms of the current standards is a major accomplishment because this will be a very important factor on down the line.


Check All The Links On Your Website

Check out the links on your site and be certain that they work the right way. A lot of times, links will stop working. This accident can occur during copy/paste. Do not assume that things are okay until you check all links. It would be a horrible thing for your links to malfunction. Think about that for a moment. Missing out on a sale because the link was not working can be a horrible thing. Also, make sure that the links are going to the proper location and that the navigation of site works fine.

So, everything is just perfect with your website until you change up the browser. Before you launch your site, the browser compatibility should be checked. Make sure that your site does not have any issues with the main browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and IE. People use different browsers depending on their own comfort level. Many times your site may look fine in one browser but look completely different in another browser. This is why you should do a compatibility check and make sure that your website looks okay with all browsers.

Have Plenty of Content on Launch Day

Make sure you have several pieces of content ready for new visitors. In peoples haste to “get going”, they seem to be lacking a plan when they launch their site. It is critical you have some excellent content on the website all ready to go the day you go live.

As an example when I launched this website, I created the 5 pillars of internet marketing. This is the foundation of all that I will be teaching about so it was critical that this content was professionally written and covered the basics. It took me several days to write all the content, but this was critical to a good website launch.

What are the initial goals of your website?

You should have a plan for what you want people to do. It is just not enough to throw up a website without a specific idea of what people are to do. You should have an opt-in system ready to go when you launch. My initial goal is to build readership and a following.

Creating a great newsletter is an excellent way to get subscribers.

Offer something valuable to that market for free to help build your opt-in list. Without a mailing list that you are building, then your business will suffer to get off the ground.

Establish yourself as an expert coming out of the gates.

You will want to immediately be recognized as an expert in your field. First impressions are lasting impressions. This is why your initial content on your website should be of expert quality. To keep people coming back you must engage them and offer value.

There are thousands of potential sites in your niche. Make sure yours stands out.

Create videos.

One of the things I preach in my 5 pillars is the importance of video marketing. 80% of people want and are demanding video content. It is just the era we are in that people prefer to watch over reading. Now, this is not true of every market, but it is certainly true of most. You should have identified this aspect in your market research stage to determine the needs and desires of your own market.

It is quite easy today to take any content and convert it into a video. There are many excellent tools that can do this quickly. As an example, I will have my outline for this content and create a simple video from it to engage people. Think about doing this for all your content. If you need help with this, feel free to leave me a message in the comments section and I will contact you about how to create videos quickly and professionally.

Consider creating one Viral piece of content at your launch.

This is going to require some research and time, however, people love resources post that is filled with great information. This could be a statistical post of stats you pull together. Or a list of fantastic resources in your niche that you can put together in one post, or a guidebook. This is not going to be a downloadable piece, but something that is on your website in which it holds tremendous value and puts you in peoples eyes as an expert. Take your time creating this viral piece and make sure it has a WOW factor to it.

You have got 7 seconds to make your first impression!

That is all most people visit a website for before making the decision to stick around or hit the backspace button. So when you launch, make sure your site is visually appealing and holds peoples interest from the get-go.

Additionally, I am a big proponent of exit strategy technology. Remember, most of your visitors may only come once to your website. By having an exit pop up, you have the opportunity to capture their email. Have something in that exit popup that holds big value. Then give it away to capture their email address.

Create a share page

This is a pretty cool technique that is used effectively.

You may have some resources, such as a great video, or images, and more.  You can even devise some social media posts that people can copy and share. Think outside the box here about this aspect so people can help you easily share your website with others.

When introducing a new site, it would not be hard to forget about the aspects that go into making a functional website. The things discussed in this article are not hard to do, but you will see that website owners tend to make the same mistakes repeatedly. If you want repeated viewers, give them a site that worth returning to. So what is holding you back? Put your site under the scanner and start doing all the checks you can before it launches

How To Fix A Slow Loading Site By Optimizing Your Website

Whether you’re running a popular website or an interesting blog, if it’s taking too much time to load then you’re losing visitors. Everybody in the world does not have high-speed internet access; however, a significant portion of online users do have it. Many years ago, especially in the 1990s, so many aspects of technology were still in their infancy. However, even now, there are certain factors that can slow down your website, which can prove to be highly irritating to your visitors. You have to make it fast, and if your site is on the slow side of things, then read this article and take action on it.

Additionally, it is now a ranking factor within Google. If your site is slow to load it will impact your rankings.

Free Tools To Check Your Speeds


One of the first things you will want to do is to utilize a couple of free tools that will show you what is causing the slow down of your website.

You can go to GTMetrix and simply put in your URL and click a button and it will scan your website and bring back the results. This tool will measure many aspects of your website and allow you to identify what may be causing loading issues. I check my sites and then it gives me exactly what is causing the issue so I can fix the speed on my website.

Another great tool is Pingdom. This works very similar to GtMetrix and again you simply add your URL and click the button and wait for your website to be analyzed. Both tools give you a quick overview of the load time and then you can look below the results for additional details. Utilize both these tools to see what is causing your site to load slow.

WordPress Plugins That Greatly Help Your Speed

There are a couple of premium plugins that will optimize your site very quickly. I have been using WPROCKET for well over a year and it works great. It handles many of the speed issues for me hands off. It is a fairly expensive plugin, however, the cost of a slow loading website is much greater than using this plugin.

WpOptimzer is another good plugin that does many things in the background hands off to help optimize your website. I have used both of these and I do prefer WPRocket, however, WP Optimizer is a less expensive option for those on a tight budget.

Additionally, millions have used this Free Caching Plugin successfully to help speed up their websites.

Speaking of Plugins

If you are using WordPress for your website, then you will want to pay close attention to this speed tip.


Sorry for shouting, however, this is a big factor in load time. There are so many great plugins that help us perform all sorts of various functions on our websites. This is one of the great reasons to use WordPress, however, if you put too many plugins on your website, then it is going to cause issues.

Take a close look at each of your plugins and decide if you REALLY need them or not. Try to limit the number of plugins if possible.

Another Important Factor To Loading Time is Hosting

So many people use cheap hosting and they do not realize that it is a big factor to optimizing your website.

If you are on a cheap hosting, usually it is a shared server. For hosting companies to be able to offer such cheap hosting, they will end up putting tons of websites on one server which in turn will cause loading issues.

No matter what you do, you will not be able to fix the load times if you have a crappy hosting company. If you have done as much as you can to optimize your website and it still loads slow, you may want to consider moving your website to a better hosting company.

I have been using INSTY.ME for a few years. They have lots of options and as your business grows you can eventually move your site to a dedicated server where you will NOT be sharing the space within anyone.

INSTY.ME has fantastic support and their hosting is designed to work well with WordPress. I tested this site the other day and it is under 2 seconds to load.

Some of the really big sites can get away with using sophisticated scripts for their ads, but the smaller online business will not be able to get away with it.

There are other ways to tackle the problem if you simply must leave your ad situation alone. It is obviously better to have a lower bounce rate and high return rate at first, then you can start easing the ads in and see what happens. Flash banners and ads are just the worst, and so many became a bit blind to them many years ago.

You have to be careful if you decide to use a popup, and yes we know that is not really ever a cause for concern with how fast your site will load. Tons of people just hate them, including us, so you have to proceed at your own risk.

Any of the different applications using a pop-up concept will not adversely impact your loading times, though. So when it comes down to how many of your visitors do you want to possibly turn-off due to using them.

Try to limit the pop-ups on your website. They are important to capture emails, however, if you overdo it, then you risk the irritation of your visitor and they may not return because of it.

Optimize your images:

There are many ways to do this, however, I utilize WordPress for all my sites. There are a couple of plugins that will help you with optimizing your images. One is called Smushit. This plugin is great and it actually optimizes the image on the upload. It compresses the image and can greatly reduce your load time.

Another very good plugin for images is called tiny compress images. This one works with an API and you can load up to 500 images a month to compress. It is free and works much like SmushIt.

I have run some tests and have found that Tiny Compress Images seems to work a bit better then SmushIT.

Most people take great pride in their homepages for some reason, and maybe it is just like a real home and bringing people in for the first time, etc. Optimize your homepage if you are going to do anything for load time, and for what we hope are reasons known to you.

If your site is graphics intensive, then you probably know that your pics and whatnot are compressed and in proper format and all that good stuff. There are quite a few methods that can be employed to make your home page, or any other page, load as quickly as it possibly can.

If your site can be loaded in one second, that is great; but work to keep it under five seconds max. Optimizing your site in all ways is a process, and do not forget to check your site in other browsers, too.

As a webmaster or blogger, you should understand the pulse of your visitors and focus on giving them the best possible experience. Usability is extremely important if you want people to like your site, recommend it to others and keep going back to it.

Make sure you utilize both speed test websites above to get a better understanding of why your website is loading slow.

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