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My name is Sam Clark and I am the owner and operator of https://drnet.com

I have been working online off and on for the past 13 years and I really enjoy digital marketing. I have always enjoyed fields that seem to have an unlimited amount of knowledge to attain. This field of internet marketing definitely seems infinite and always growing and evolving.

When I started back in 2005 I knew nothing about online marketing. Most of what I learned in those first few years was self-taught. I have continued to learn and realized that to keep my skill sets up, I would have to dedicate about 30% of my time in this field of digital marketing to ongoing learning.

In 2008 I ran an online training system for a company I worked at and realized I had really good teaching skills. I went on to work for 2 different companies in which I was hired to train people on how to build an online business. From Market research to WordPress and SEO and much more.

I decided this past summer in 2018, that I needed to get back to training and teaching, as that is where my passion lies.

So this website is dedicated to creating courses in internet marketing and helping people learn all the facets of this industry. I look forward to creating these courses and helping you better understand each of the 5 pillars of internet marketing.

Professional Internet Marketing Training For All Who Wish To Have a Powerful Online Presence.

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