Provide up to date ongoing internet marketing training for all areas needed to be successful online with your website. From market research, to SEO, to content development, video marketing, analytics, traffic development, social media and much more.

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Hi, my name is Sam Clark, aka Dr Net and I am a professional online marketer and trainer. With over 12 years of online experience with internet marketing, I am excited to bring to you here a plethora of online training and teaching around the 10 areas that make up internet marketing.

Within each of these 10 areas there are many sub topics that you will find detailed training on. It is my goal to help you become knowledgeable in all areas of internet marketing through detailed trainings on each of the 10 areas.


We Develop Training For Non-Techs

What We Do

Our training is for all skill levels. The teaching style that is utilized allows anyone with any skill level to follow along and quickly learn and apply what they learn.

You will fully enjoy and appreciate my style. My goal is to teach you not only what you need to know but to utilize real life examples for you to follow along with.

Market Research

This is the foundation of a great digital marketing strategy. From site structure to content strategies, market research is key to a successful internet marketing campaign.

Website Construct

Once your market research is completed, you are now ready to construct your website. Our training will take you through the entire website development process.


The 3rd major area revolves around SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Proper On-page and Off-Page SEO is required to get traffic from the Search Engines.

Content Strategies

Content has been and always be King. In this area we cover how to write for the web, blogging, email marketing, video development and all areas related to an effective content management system.

Analytics and Conversion

The 4th major area revolves around tracking everything. Utilizing Conversions and Analytic Tactics.

Upcoming Courses To Be Released

Market Research 101

This is an introduction course to Market Research and the foundation for anyone who is getting started online and wants to develop a website.

Introduction to market research

SEO 101

This foundational course on SEO is a must for beginners who want to understand what SEO is and how it relates to their business.

Introduction to SEO

Intro To Website Building

This course will cover an introduction to building your own website and all the components that go into creating a website.

How to build a website

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