Increasing Your Conversions

How to Improve Your Website Conversions

Most websites built are done with beautiful design, however there is not much thought we it comes to maximizing the visitors that come to your website. There are several things you can do to increase conversions of these visitors. It is well know statistically, that many people who visit a website, are there for only a few short seconds, and in those few seconds they will make up their mind if the site is worth staying at. It is critical to catch these visitors attention immediately and get them to stay on your website. The longer they are there the higher probability you will convert the visitor into a user of your site.

So what is website conversions?

I guess it is best to explain this so you can start to think about your own site and ask the question…”Is my site converting people who stop by to take some sort of action that allows you to follow up with them?”

The simplest form of converting a visitor is one that has been around a long time. It is having an optin form on your site which people will give you their name and email in return you will give them something in return. Most businesses start with a monthly newsletter form. Here is what a basic form looks like


This is a basic way to invite people to sign up and become a user of your site. This way you now have a basic way to follow up with people who are interested in your services or products.

That being said, conversions can come in many forms and you should always be thinking about your marketing and how to increase your conversions.

A few things you can do now is to look at your website and see if there is an easy way to contact you. This should always be front and center for people who visit your website. When you look at my site here, you will see that every page you go to, my phone number and email appear at the top of the site and it follows you as you scroll. Additionally, the email and phone number are click to call. This is very important as most people are now viewing websites with a mobile phone. If you don’t have click to call, there is a high probability that they are not going to memorize your number and try to enter it into their cell phone. So make sure you have click to call and click to email to increase conversions on your website.

One last note about conversions for this post. Today google measures bounce rate as a high indicator for ranking a website. They figure if someone only stays on a website for a few seconds and leaves, then the website did not answer whatever the visitor was looking for. If the bounce rate is high, then conversion is low for you, but even worse, Google will see your site as not important enough and may drop you in your rankings based on this indicator.

How to overcome this?

Add video to your site to increase time a visitor stays on your site.

We have entered a new era and its called video marketing. People unfortunately don’t really like to read anymore, they prefer to watch a video. The statistics around this are staggering at the number of video views each and every day on youtube are huge.

This is directly from YouTubes site on statistics

  • YouTube has over a billion users — almost one-third of all people on the Internet — and every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views.

What this means is video is not optional anymore…you should have video on your website for a number of reasons. The home page which is typically the most visited page, should have a video. This will typically keep people on your site longer which in turn reduces your bounce rate and will typically increase conversions.

More on video and conversions will be discussed soon.

There is much more to discuss on the issue of how to increase conversions on your website. One thing you should get used to doing is making sure your web developer provides statistics about what is happening on your website. This will give you a baseline to understanding how many people visit your site monthly and how many took action.