Do You Have An Email Marketing Strategy Plan For 2017?

Developing an email marketing strategy plan for 2017 may be one of the wisest moves you can make for your business. Email marketing has been around for a while and it is still highly effective as a marketing strategy for building your business.

So what does an email marketing strategy include?

  1. A Lead capture system on your website
  2. An Autoresponder
  3. A lead magnet

There are many email marketing companies out there that offer the first 2. If you have not invested in these for your business then make 2017 the year you invest in a good email marketing system for your business. The payoff for this will more then cover the cost to set this up.

Here is a wonderful graphic that lays out what an email marketing strategy plan looks likeemail marketing strategy plan looks like this

When you invest with an email marketing company, most of the components that make up your strategy are incorporated into the purchase when you get started with email marketing.

By capturing visitors coming to your website, you make the most of any advertising you do. It can be expensive and time consuming to drive traffic to your website. You don’t want to waste it, which is why you must have a plan to at the very least capture their email address. This gives you the ability to follow up with not just one person at a time, but everyone on your list at one time.

I’ll give you an example of how powerful this is. One of my clients has a small perfume business and she had not set up any system to follow up with her previous customers through email. After working with her and building a database of her current customers into a email system, we designed a campaign that was made up of 3 emails to go out to her previous customers. This was just a small list of 170 people as most of her business came locally from doing craft shows. So after getting all her customers into the database, we set up a special offer for all her customers where she gave them a one time 30% special. This was a great deal for her customers and they were very excited to get her offer. I helped her craft the email and within a hour we had a nice email set up. We sent this out and planned on 2 follow ups over the promotional period of 10 days.  The result? She did over $1600.00 in sales. From one small list and one campaign. This was in October of 2016.

So does having an email marketing strategy plan still work?

The answer is a resounding YES!!!

If you have not done email marketing before and are not sure how to get started please contact us today and we can guide you through this process.

Looking ahead to 2017 and Email marketing

You must consider most people are reading their emails on Mobile devices today and moving forward into 2017

This trend is continuing to grow at record paces as just about everyone over the age of 5 has a smart phone. Make sure whatever company you decide to handle your email marketing that you can create templates and emails that are mobile friendly. If your email does not look good on a mobile device, then there is  a good chance your response to it will suffer. The best way to go about this to always send yourself a test email and look at it on various devices especially a mobile phone.

List Segmentation.

A great part of using an email marketing system, is most offer the ability to segment lists. You may have a list of people who just visited your site and signed up for a newsletter. They may not have ever purchased anything, but they were interested enough to sign up to your newsletter. This list you could set up through automation so they receive a series of emails from you in which your goal is to get them to purchase your product, membership or whatever you are offering on your site.

You can also segment list based on actions they have taken. So, if someone who is on the newsletter list decided to purchase your product, they are now a buyer and they would be moved onto your buyer list. With a good email marketing system, this is very possible and will drive your decisions on what to send each list based on actions they have taken on your site.

One of the advantages of having a professional email system is the ability to send out what is called email drip campaigns. What this means is typically a series of emails that are designed ahead of time and they go out to everyone on the list over a course of several days or weeks.

Personalize each email and capture their name when signing up.

I highly recommend catching more than an email when someone visits your site. The reason is most email marketing systems allows you to put in a tag such as {name} which will go into your database of email leads and grab the name of the person. This allows for a much more personalized experience for the end user and should be implemented.

Tracking your email marketing

email marketing tracking as part of your email marketing strategy

One of the huge advantages of having a professional email marketing system is it allows you to track everything. You can quickly see if all the emails were delivered, how many people opened them and how many people clicked on the link you have inside the email.

This data can drive future decisions about your email content. If not many people opened the email, then you need to craft a better subject line and see if that increases open rates. If people opened them, but did not click on the link then there are other issues to look at. Maybe the content wasn’t relevant. Maybe the email was too long. Maybe there was not a good enough incentive to get them to click on the link. There are many marketing tactics that can be deployed and tracked within email which makes it a fabulous marketing tool.

The third component I laid out at the beginning is what is called a lead magnet. This is something you can test out but there are many ways to develop a lead magnet. This can be a free gift, download, eBook, whitepaper, special protected content on your site….something of value that the user on your website would like to have. Typically, it is best to offer something that holds real value and you are going to give it to them in return for their name and email. People are a little more skeptical of giving out their email if they have not built a relationship with you. So, you may need to develop within your email marketing plan a way to entice them to give up their name and email. Believe me, it will be well worth it in the long run to build a big customer list that you can go back to an email anytime you desire.

Make sure you develop an email marketing strategy plan for your business if you have not already. It is a vital business asset that in today’s internet world needs to be built and nourished.


Building A Vital Marketing Asset

Building a vital marketing asset?

So to understand how to build a vital marketing asset we first have to define what asset are we talking about.

When I bring up the phrase marketing asset, I am referring to online aspects here.

Here is a list of potential marketing assets:

·        Emails

·        Blog Posts

·        Sales letters

·        Content on your website

·        Facebook

·        Twitter

·        LinkedIN

·        Pinterest

·        A video series

·        A membership

·        Podcasts

·        White papers

·        An App

·        Webinars

·        Shared Tips


This is not an all-inclusive list for potentially building a vital marketing asset. It really depends on your marketing strategy. Some assets are way more important then others. Some you can totally control some you are at the whims of Google, Facebook and other places you put your content onto.

In my eyes, the most important asset you are building is your website. You can control all the content that designed and delivered to your website. Long term your website can bring you tens of thousands of dollars each month if it has been crafted in a way that holds enough value to others who are searching you out.

When Building a Vital Marketing Asset these are a few things to keep in mind!

thinking about building a vital marketing asset

As I mentioned above, what you control is usually your most important asset. First and foremost, content creation is yours or should be mostly yours. That includes video, audio and written text. These assets should be created based on solid market research and a developed marketing content strategy. This will yield the best results long term. Through the past 10 years and all the changes that have happened one thing I learned long ago that content is King on the internet. How that content is created and distributed may have changed, but all businesses that want to rank and bank so to speak should be continually creating great content for their sites and more importantly for the people coming to your sites.

There are many other assets above that can become vital in your overall marketing. There is no question that Facebook has become a giant on the internet. People are on Facebook in huge numbers every day and it is a great place to engage and market to them. It Is handled a bit differently but it has become a place that all businesses can connect with their audience.

Depending on your business and what you are selling, a sales page can be a tremendous asset and bring your business lots of revenue. Great copywriting for a sales letter is worth it when building a vital asset for your business.

The great thing about your assets and using the internet is everything is highly measurable. I have found sometimes that testing various assets as mentioned above should not be overlooked.

I recently ran an ad for a client who runs a small automotive garage. He is in rural Maine and getting traffic to his website and business has been a bit of a challenge. However, I created a couple of videos for his business and one of them I ran a Facebook page boost for that video.  I targeted his town and 2 others around it and the results were amazing. This quickly became an asset for his business because of the reach, branding and actual business that it brought to him. Even though they were very small towns it went to prove that your audience is on Facebook and they are on their daily.

However, Facebook owns everything on their site so you need to be careful in how you build your Facebook asset. The goal should be to get them onto your main site and engaging with your business directly. When they are there, make darn sure you have a system for capturing their name and email at least. There are many ways to do this and I will cover these in another post for another day.