Perfect On Page SEO

Perfect ON-Page SEO and Creating a Perfectly Optimized Page

Ok, so Perfect On-Page seo will go a long way in getting ranked on Google. No matter what you have heard about all the alogrythems and penguin and panda blah blah blah, On page seo has remained pretty constant over the years.

So What makes a Perfect ON PAGE SEO piece of content?

Well first off, hopefully you have done your market research and you have a content marketing strategy. Most people don’t get when they are looking at on page seo that EACH piece of content you create is a separate entity on the internet.You should choose one keyword from your market research and focus solely on that word for this piece of content.

Yes it is connected to your website for sure and your content should match what your website is about. (this is another mistake many people make on their websites is straying from the main theme topic of their site) However, each content is your opportunity to write something very specific related to your content marketing strategy.

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So Back to Perfect On-page Seo.

With my market research data, I find out that on the internet there are 303 pieces of content on the internet with Perfect on-page seo that is in the title of the content created.Cool, as a marketing strategy I am pretty confident that I may be able to rank this piece maybe based solely on my on page seo.

So there is your first important hint. The Title of your Post is the first must have your keyword placed in the title for perfect on-page seo.

Secondly, you will want the same keyword phrase in whats called an H1 tag for the opening of your content. As you can see in my content, I have perfect on-page seo in my title of the content, and it is also right off the bat in big bold letters within the opening of the post. That is an H1 tag (heading tag)

Next up as you start putting your content together, you want to put your main keyword into the first sentence of your opening paragraph. Again that is what you will find on this piece of content.

Now, you will want to use this phrase a few more times within the content as well. Google is demanding that content be longer then the good ole days of seo. You want to aim for at least 300 words for each piece of content.

Next up is H2 tags. H stands for heading and depending of what content management system you are using, this is pretty easy to implement. An H2 tag is smaller then an H1, but it is an opportunity to re-enforce your main keyword once again. You should have the targeted keyword in your H2 tag as well.

Next up, which could of been first, is the URL that is created for this piece of content should also have the keyword phrase in it. This is controlled by (at least in wordpress) something called the permalink. Permalink is the URL that is created when you publish the content.

Example is when this is published it will be  The phrase I am targeting is again matching with the permalink.

Next up? Internal Linking is a critical element to boosting your overall site. If you have a good page or post related to what you are talking about then use a couple internal links to point to those pages. Example, on this post I will be using links that point to my main page about Search Marketing and also to Mobile websites.

Speaking of, if your website is not mobile responsive, it is now time to get that taken care of. Google rankings are now including mobile responsive design. Your business will be penalized if it is not mobile ready.

External Links for Perfect On-page SEO? Yes…There is so much fantastic content on the web today that it is expected that we will point to great content that is worthy to share that is related to what we are talking about.

The link in the paragraph above points to an excellent article that talks about being mobile responsive and the impact of SEO. Its a great read and correlates to exactly what I am talking about. So don’t just throw any link in there, if you want perfect on-page seo then make sure the site you links to is right on topic about what you are talking about.

Add some LSI keywords into your content. LSI are highly related terms that are important to your main keyword. To find some LSI keywords there is an excellent free tool Here

Here area a few that came up for me for the phrase perfect on-page-seo.

perfect on page seo lsi keywords

There are some interesting keywords in there to use with this content and it has given me some ideas for additional content as well including redoing this post in a on page seo checklist for 2017 🙂

Ok, so all your images you use on a post you should utilize the alt-tag attribute and make sure the keyword is within the alt image tag. Google reads this data but not the actual image so its another place to utilize the main keyword.

So there you have an almost perfect on-page seo list to create a google friendly content that Google will know exactly where to rank it on the internet. Additionally the user will be happy when they find this post because it will answer the question of how to create a perfect on-page seo piece of content.

There are a few more items but I am going to save that for another post!