Building A Vital Marketing Asset

Building a vital marketing asset?

So to understand how to build a vital marketing asset we first have to define what asset are we talking about.

When I bring up the phrase marketing asset, I am referring to online aspects here.

Here is a list of potential marketing assets:

·        Emails

·        Blog Posts

·        Sales letters

·        Content on your website

·        Facebook

·        Twitter

·        LinkedIN

·        Pinterest

·        A video series

·        A membership

·        Podcasts

·        White papers

·        An App

·        Webinars

·        Shared Tips


This is not an all-inclusive list for potentially building a vital marketing asset. It really depends on your marketing strategy. Some assets are way more important then others. Some you can totally control some you are at the whims of Google, Facebook and other places you put your content onto.

In my eyes, the most important asset you are building is your website. You can control all the content that designed and delivered to your website. Long term your website can bring you tens of thousands of dollars each month if it has been crafted in a way that holds enough value to others who are searching you out.

When Building a Vital Marketing Asset these are a few things to keep in mind!

thinking about building a vital marketing asset

As I mentioned above, what you control is usually your most important asset. First and foremost, content creation is yours or should be mostly yours. That includes video, audio and written text. These assets should be created based on solid market research and a developed marketing content strategy. This will yield the best results long term. Through the past 10 years and all the changes that have happened one thing I learned long ago that content is King on the internet. How that content is created and distributed may have changed, but all businesses that want to rank and bank so to speak should be continually creating great content for their sites and more importantly for the people coming to your sites.

There are many other assets above that can become vital in your overall marketing. There is no question that Facebook has become a giant on the internet. People are on Facebook in huge numbers every day and it is a great place to engage and market to them. It Is handled a bit differently but it has become a place that all businesses can connect with their audience.

Depending on your business and what you are selling, a sales page can be a tremendous asset and bring your business lots of revenue. Great copywriting for a sales letter is worth it when building a vital asset for your business.

The great thing about your assets and using the internet is everything is highly measurable. I have found sometimes that testing various assets as mentioned above should not be overlooked.

I recently ran an ad for a client who runs a small automotive garage. He is in rural Maine and getting traffic to his website and business has been a bit of a challenge. However, I created a couple of videos for his business and one of them I ran a Facebook page boost for that video.  I targeted his town and 2 others around it and the results were amazing. This quickly became an asset for his business because of the reach, branding and actual business that it brought to him. Even though they were very small towns it went to prove that your audience is on Facebook and they are on their daily.

However, Facebook owns everything on their site so you need to be careful in how you build your Facebook asset. The goal should be to get them onto your main site and engaging with your business directly. When they are there, make darn sure you have a system for capturing their name and email at least. There are many ways to do this and I will cover these in another post for another day.

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