2017 is the defining year for your business

There are several things going on in the marketing world that you as a business owner need to realize.

Over the past 5 years the web has moved at lightening speeds and many small businesses are having a really hard time fully understanding the impact it is having on their businesses.

I am amazed at how many small businesses in Maine do not even have a website at this point. I am not sure what they are thinking. Maybe they have enough business or maybe they think people still use the yellow pages and a phone book. I am sure there are still a few of those phone books kicking around, but it has been a long long time since most of the world has bothered with that.

So how is 2017 going to be a defining year for your business?

You are either going to fully embrace and realize that everything is moving to the mobile world. Mobile search surpassed desktop and tablet searches long ago. Google is moving to a mobile first search engine and if your site is not mobile optimized then sorry but there is a high probability that your competitions website is mobile responsive and will be shown before your site. This also includes those sites that have the m.websites as well. Those sites are not what google is looking for. You must have a responsive mobile website now.

Google is all about user experience and that means to you the business owner, having a website that displays beautifully on a mobile device. This is no longer an option, it is a requirement. If your text on your site is hard to read, then you have a problem.

mobile websites is not just about it fitting on a phone, it must be readable as well